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Tydus Talbott

Mini Jack Paul Tydus Talbott is a young celebrity and YouTuber. Tydus Talbott made a debut in the YouTube video since February 2016 when he was snowboarding in South Lake Tahoe.

Name Tydus Talbott
He is the first child of the YouTuber parents Travis and Corey and is also named as Mini Jack Paul.
Family Name Talbott
Father and Mother Travis Talbott and Corey Talbott
Net Worth $100000
Birth Date May 24, 2014
Birth Place Santa Cruz, California
Job YouTuber
Height 2.5 Feet
Weight 28 Kg
Gender Male
Nationality American


The birthday of Tydus Talbott is on May 24. The age of Tydus Talbott is 10 years.

He has a YouTube channel named Trav and Cor where his parents upload the videos of him and his younger sister Ryatt Talbott who was born in 2016. His zodiac sign in Gemini. He has an American nationality.

The YouTube channel is often regarded as the family channel where vlogging is done mostly. He came into popularity when his parents Travis and Corey uploaded a video of him to the channel Trav and Cor on YouTube.

Parents: Father and Mother

The name of his father and mother are Travis Talbott and Corey Talbott. His mother Corey handles the video-sharing and publicity whereas his father Travis is responsible for video editing and production. The siblings Tydus and Ryatt are featured in most of the videos of the channel.

Net Worth

At a small age, he has a massive Net Worth of $100K. The main and the only source of his income is the YouTube channel. His parents are the millionaires and being the child, he does have massive income.

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Social Media Accounts

He has multiple Instagram accounts with the names tydus, minijakepaul. One of the accounts tydus_and_ryatt is shared with his younger sister.

The family YouTube channel is linked here. There are more than 2.9 million subscribers in the family YouTube channel.

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