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The Hype House

The Hype House is a team of people who grew up rapidly after receiving a lot of hype from their Tik Tok videos in 2019.

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NameThe Hype House
Launch Year2019
Age5 year old
Famous forTikTok and Instagram Videos
Net Worth$10 Million USD as of 2024

Members and Ages

There are 16 members in The Hype House. Here is a list of members of the team with their ages.

  1. Charli D’Amelio, 15 years
  2. Ryland Storms, 20 years
  3. Chase Hudson, 17 years
  4. Kouvr Annon, 19 years
  5. Dixie D’Amelio, 18 years
  6. Addison Rae, 19 years
  7. Jack Wright, 16 years
  8. Calvin Goldby, 20 years
  9. Bryce Hall, 20 years
  10. Tayler Holder, 22 years
  11. Nick Austin, 19 years
  12. Alex Warren, 19 years
  13. Wyatt Xavier, 19 years
  14. Daisy Keech, 20 years
  15. James Wright, 16 years
  16. Thomas Petrou, 21 years

Tour on History

The Hype House TikTok, Ages, Members, Wiki

It is the house where the popular YouTubers, Influencers, and TikTokers live and show their talent through the videos. As of some sources, Thomas Petrou owns the Hype House.

The team started posting the video from December 20, 2019. They started into the content through Instagram in the beginning. The male influencers were into the act in the first video of the team. The age of the Hype House is not even a year as of 2024.

The first video was quite hyped and it gained more than 60k likes in a single week. Now, the team also made an entry to TikTok and gained even more than in a week than that on Instagram. The video gained more than 500k likes in TikTok within a week.

On the 23rd of December, they posted a video that became the most popular. Here, James Wright, Charli D’Amelio and Jack Wright were in the frame. The video attracted many TikTok users and crossed 2.7 Million likes in only four days of posting.

The videos helped a lot in fame and publicity in a really short duration. They gained more than 200k followers on Instagram and more than 1.7 Million followers in TikTok in just a week.

Lack of Diversity

On the 20th of December, Spill Sesh on Twitter tweeted that there are only young people in the house and there is no diversity in the talents and races of the people out there. On the same date, TikTok star Daniella Perkins posted a video that clearly mentions the lack of diversity in the team. Here is an embed to that TikTok video.


pov: i’m auditioning to be part of the hype house but realize i’m not white so i give up 🥰 all jokes

♬ Lottery – K Camp

She says:

i’m auditioning to be part of the hype house but realize i’m not white so i give up

Source: TikTok Video

This video crossed 50k likes in a single week. TikTokers started posting mocking videos. TikTok user Photo by Alexey posted a video regarding it again which crossed 5k likes in a week. Here is an embed to the video.


@thehypehouse message ✨ #foryou #hypehouse

♬ Fantasy – Remix Mariah Carey feat. ODB – Old Dirty Bastard

Net Worth

The Hype House TikTok, Ages, Members, Wiki

The Net Worth of Hype House is $10 Million USD as of 2024. The videos are the main sources of the Net Worth.


Quick Facts

  • Wikipedia: The Hype House is a TikTok group that received hype after being featured on the For You Page of TikTok resulting in a lot of attention from the viewers.
  • Their videos are really short of around a minute or two but are very popular.
  • The credit of the living arrangement goes to Thomas Petrou.
  • The location of the Hype House in Los Angeles. All the videos uploaded in TikTok are captured there.
  • The celebrities of the team made easier for the promotion of the team in a really short time.