Simply Nailogical Cristine Raquel Rotenberg Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Family, Birthday, Age

Do you know about Simply Nailogical/ simply not logical girl Cristine Raquel Rotenberg? Well, she is a famous YouTuber doing videos on nail art tutorials or simply some random videos. Her sense of humor and doing some childish things have made her a favorite YouTuber of many children as well as adults. Her videos are simply addictive. Through this article lets explore Cristine Raquel’s Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Family, Birthday, Age, Height, Weight, Facts.

Cristine Raquel Rotenberg Wiki

Real Name Cristine Raquel Rotenberg
Net Worth$6 million
Date of BirthOctober 17, 1988
Age 31 years
Birth PlaceOntario, Canada
Height5ft 4inch
Weight155 lbs
Occupation/ ProfessionCrime statistics analyst at Canadian government, Youtuber
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlackish Brown

Cristine Raquel Rotenberg Bio/Biography

Who is Simply Nailogical Cristine Raquel Rotenberg?

Cristine is a famous YouTuber with 6.9 million subscribers at Simply Nailogical channel and 2.6 million subscribers at Simply Not Logical channel. She has completed her master’s in sociology and works as a crime statistics analyst at the Canadian government. She was a former child actress as well. She created her channel Simply Nailogical in June 2014 and simply not logical channel in September 2015. Her video containing a hundred coats of nail polish #polishmountain went viral in 2016 which went viral and was followed by many other YouTubers. It has above 24 million views. Her nail art videos, as well as humor skits, are highly praised.

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Cristine Raquel Rotenberg Birth Place?

She was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. It is the york region’s third most populous municipalities.

What is the age of Cristine Raquel Rotenberg?

Cristine was born on October 17, 1988. Her age is 31 years.

Cristine Raquel Rotenberg Family, Father, Mother, Sister.

Cristine has featured her father, sister, and grandmothers in some of her youtube videos. Her father’s name is Andy and sister’s name is Jennifer. Not much is known about others in her family. She lives with her boyfriend Ben who is a great supporter of her.

Cristine Raquel Rotenberg Net Worth: $6 Million

Some of the sources revealed that the Net Worth of Cristine Raquel Rotenberg is 6 million dollars which is a huge amount. Her youtube channels have 6.5 and 2 million followers respectively. In spite of this many followers, she lives a very simple life. She is not just a YouTuber but also a government worker at the Government of Canada.

Some interesting facts about Cristine Raquel Rotenberg

Cristine Raquel Rotenberg’s view on marriage

Cristine doesn’t want to get married and have kids as she said in one of her youtube videos. she is happy and content with the way she is living with her boyfriend Ben. She has a cat named Menchie whom she treats like her kid.

Cristine Raquel Rotenberg and Nail Art

She got her passion for nail art since her school. She owns more than 1000 nail polishes on her shelves. Her video 100 coats of nail polish were what made her viral. Her tutorial mixed with humor is what makes her special.

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Cristine Raquel Rotenberg and acting

She was a former child actor who was featured in several commercials like Furby and Fib Finder and few movies like Charms for an easy life. Her parents stopped the acting classes for her so that it wouldn’t hamper her studies.

Cristine and holosexual

Cristine is the one who coined the term holosexual for the love of glittery things. Since then the thing holo has gone viral.