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Ahmad Shah

In the world of the internet, entertainment is the most utilized aspect by the people. All of us love the cuteness and adorability of the kids. There are kids who go viral through social media and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is filled with their memes, pictures, videos and so on.

A kid named Ahmed Shah is a viral boy in social media nowadays. He is really appreciated for his innocence and the overloaded cuteness. He says the sentences “Piche Dekho Piche”, “Piche to Dekho”, “Piche Dekho Kaun Hey?” and so on. In this article, we will see the original video of “Piche Dekho Piche” Kid Ahmed Shah and see the memes uploaded on social media. Also, we will find the wiki, bio, age, country, parents, nationality, age, birth date, Instagram videos and many other things of the famous viral Piche Dekho kid Ahmed Shah.

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Ahmad Shah Khan Wiki

NameAhmad Shah Khan
Ahmad Shah Khan is a viral kid with nickname Piche dekho Piche and Pathan Ka Bachha.
Family NameShah
Father and Mother N/A
Net WorthN/A
Birth Date2011
Birth PlaceIslamabad, Pakistan
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Ahmad Shah Khan Piche Dekho Kid Biography, Age, Birth Place, Father, Mother

Ahmad Shah Khan was born in the city of Islamabad. He was born in 2011. His age is 13 years. The names of his father and mother are unknown. In one of the videos, it is said that Daniyal is the name of his uncle.

The height and weight of the viral kid Ahmad Shah Khan are also not known to date. The article will be updated once we get enough details on the bio of Piche Dekho Piche kid Ahmad Shah Khan.

Some of the facts about the viral kid Ahmad Shah Khan

The kid was viral by the video that was captured in the school. The teacher had captured the video. The teacher knowingly takes his bag and refuses to give it back to him for seeing his cute reaction. She asks him what he will do with the bag. He replies saying that he would be a doctor reading the books.

After the teacher asks, “Then?”, he replies that he would do treatment of the people. The reaction of the viral Piche Dekho Piche Pathan ka bacha nicknamed viral kid Ahmad Shah Khan is really interesting and very cute to watch.

The viral video from the school of the kid Ahmad Shah Khan is embedded below. The way he moves is fingers is really interesting to watch.

Now, the famous viral cute little kid Ahmad Shah Khan was called in the famous Pakistani Show named “Good Morning Pakistan”. Here, the host takes the balloon and says that she wanted to take the balloons to her home for her kid. The kid Ahmad Shah Khan refuses her to take the balloon.

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The host keeps the balloon back and takes the bag of Ahmad Shah Khan. In the program, the kid is made a doctor following the previous viral video of the school. Again, the boy refuses the host to take the bag and the movement of the fingers makes everyone laugh. The kid Ahmad Shah Khan nicknamed as Pathan Ka Bacha is really unique and can make everyone laugh by his movement, voice, and expressions.

The video of the show where the viral kid Ahmad Shah Khan was called is embedded below.

Recently, the kid has become viral due to the Piche Dekho Piche video. In the video, a friend of the dad of Ahmad Shah Khan meets the kid. The kid asks if he is a friend of his father. The man replies to the kid saying “Yes, I am a friend of your father as well as the mother.” This sounds really funny. The man says that he had seen the kid in Karachi.

The kid says if the man had been to Karachi. The man replies that he had seen Ahmad Shah Khan on the television. Now, the fun part starts. The by suddenly says, “Piche Dekho Piche, Kaun He Woh?” This means, “Look at your back! What is that?” The man says that it is “Mugri” is a hen. The boy keeps saying “Piche Dekho Piche!” Then, the video continues. We have embedded the video below.

The viral kid Ahmad Shah khan has also been in advertising. He has advertised the milk named “Purelait”.